If you’re just beginning to consider alternatives to traditional education, learning about all the other options can be a daunting task. This 13-question assessment¬†will ask a few questions about your child, your philosophy on education, and a few logistical details to help you determine whether alternative education might be a good fit for your family – and which model best matches your profile.


1.Which of these best describes your child?
2.Which kind of student / teacher relationship would work best for your child?
3.How does your child perform on classroom test assessments or standardized tests?
4.Which of these teaching methods works best for your child?
5.How much structure would be optimal for your child?
6.Which best describes your view of homework?
7.In your ideal school, how should rules be created and enforced?
8.In your view, what is the role of interpersonal skills in education?
9.Do you think today’s youth need a new kind of education to prepare them to be productive citizens?
10.Is there a particular school size that you think would work best for your child?
11.What tuition cost (per child) is affordable for your family?
12.Do any of the following apply to your child?
13.Would your child benefit from an education that is heavily focused on a particular field?