Christopher Winkler graduated with highest distinction from Indiana University in 1993 with a B.S. in finance and real estate from the School of Business. Upon graduation, Mr.Winkler moved to Wall Street and joined the corporate finance department of Dean Witter Reynolds Inc. where he worked as a financial analyst in the investment banking group. During his two years at Dean Witter, Mr. Winkler focused on the public underwriting of primarily equity securities for real estate corporations and trusts. In 1995, Mr. Winkler joined CM Advisors, Inc., a startup long/short hedge fund utilizing a fundamental value approach. While at CM Advisors, he performed rigorous company and securities analyses of primarily equity positions and monitored numerous investments. Mr. Winkler next joined Siegler, Collery & Co., an established fundamental value-based long/short hedge fund, in February 1996 as a senior stock picker. He then left in 1998 to co-found Ivory Investment Management, LLC, a de novo long/short value-based hedge fund with a novel and proprietary risk management approach. Mr. Winkler remained with Ivory until he recently retired from the hedge fund industry in January 2017. He now resides in Houston, TX and focuses on angel investing, real estate investments, and philanthropic efforts, and is active in the Houston chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization (“EO”). Mr. Winkler is a former President and Chairman of the Houston Angel Network.