What you are about to read is an open letter from our founder, Tory Gattis, to all the conscientious educators who have shown an interest in microschools and personalized education. Enjoy the read.

Howdy, friend!

We’re so glad to have you in the Microschool Revolution community. You’re obviously a very discerning individual 😉 Thank you for jumping on board. Together, we’ll see that every child has access to a personalized education that fully develops their talent and potential. Let’s dive right in.

What is a microschool?

Only the future of education! It’s a small group of engaged students being nurtured by a learning coach (or several). Kinda like a school, but tiny, fluid, and interesting. Each microschool can be tailored for a certain focus, whether it’s oriented toward STEM, the humanities, the arts, or vocational skills. Microschools can independently reach out to a certain type of student: gifted, international, special needs, elite athletes, etc.

Microschools are private, although charter concepts are being developed and coming online rapidly. They tend to be low cost, as they emphasize high student accountability and collaborative culture, therefore requiring less staff. And they implement innovative curricula, making use of elearning technology, project-based learning, Socratic dialogues, and hands-on research.

What is a learning coach?

It’s basically a teacher role, completely re-thought for the modern age. Kids these days need a lot more than the basic readin’, writin’, and ‘rithmetic that used to suffice for the factory jobs they were destined for. But times, they are a changin’, and to keep today’s youth competitive, nay, relevant in the information age, we have to cultivate creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork from the get-go. And to be remotely effective at this, we have to bestow these abilities in a way that works for each individual’s personality and learning style. A system made to work for everyone doesn’t work very well for anyone. And that’s what’s wrong with school today!

How does this apply to you?

We want you to consider founding a microschool! It’s not that difficult to set up your own microschool, recruit a cohort of students (your learning team) and get busy changing lives!

Okay, maybe it is a bit difficult, but it’s not impossible, and it’s well worth it, both in terms of your career and in the difference you can make in the world. Our objective at Microschool Revolution is to connect you with the seed money, the business coaching, and any curriculum support you need to make it all happen!

K, that about wraps it up for today, but stay tuned for more revolutionary messages of this sort from Microschool Revolution, or hit up the Microschool Revolution knowledge base and get started with the Founders Workbook.