In addition to the resources we have here at Microschool Revolution, there’s a lot of other material available to help you start a school. Here are a few of our favorites:

The Edupreneur Academy

The Edupreneur Academy offers professional education to K-12 edupreneurs, and conducts research to develop best practices in the areas of strategy, organization, finance, sales, marketing, and operations for charter, private, and conversion schools. It focuses on edupreneurs seeking to deliver value — quality education at an affordable price.

Getting Smart

Getting Smart is an organization that works with foundations, learning organizations, schools, and districts. Ultimately, their organization’s goal is to improve learning for all. Their services include coaching, advocacy, marketing, communications, project management, content development, and many more. Their blog series on “Smart Schools” is a particularly useful resource for potential founders.


Edutopia shares findings and best practices about innovative educational methods and pedagogy. Their articles are written in a way to encourage readers to adapt the findings to their individual needs.

Acton Academy

Acton Academy is a network of microschools that began in Austin, Texas and has now spread nationwide and even internationally. They focus on student-driven learning and emphasize that adults do not teach students, but rather guide them to create their own education. Acton Academy microschools use game-based programs for e-learning, Socratic discussions, and apprenticeships to guide students to achieve their goals.

The Acton Academy network is currently accepting applications for founders who are interested in starting a school within their network.