No two students are equal–that’s a no-brainer. But every student who walks in the door is brilliant in their own right, with special gifts worthy of being cultivated. And each student’s journey through their education, and through life, will be as unique as they are.

Not everyone will choose to pursue such a journey, and not every student will embark with the same gusto. But every person is capable and deserving of the opportunity. A coach’s job is to provide assistance and direction, but inevitably leaves the work in the hands of the student. This simple act of faith alone can open up great new things in a child’s life.

Young people immediately detect adults who do and don’t believe in them. If the confidence from their guides isn’t there, children’s response to nurturing will be deficient. That’s why it’s critical that every learning coach in the Microschool Revolution movement believe in the innate ability of every child.

That children are innately curious is widely accepted, but the notion that children–as a rule–are also highly motivated to learn, can be a leap of faith for some people. But through our experience, we have shown case after case that this is true. Children universally pursue their interests if given the proper empowerment and direction. Everyone in this movement believes this at a deep level.