Legal entity for the school

Some microschools are organized under a church organization. Others can be organized as their own entity, either nonprofit or for-profit. In either of these cases, it’s simpler in most states to organize as an LLC, filed with the Secretary of State.

If you plan on renting space from a church to operate your microschool, be aware that many churches will not rent to for-profit organizations.

Establish school hours and calendar

Earliest drop-off time, start time, end time, pick-up window, first day, holidays, last day. Matching your local public school district can be a good approach since it’s easier for families with different children in different schools, but we also encourage extended days and more balanced year-round academic calendars. Getting input from families is a good idea here.


We strongly recommend Chromebook laptops, which are inexpensive and easy to manage. You may also consider allowing students to bring laptops from home, but realize that you will not be able to filter/block their web surfing as easily as with Chromebooks using tools like Securly.

Also consider whether you’d like live security cameras in the school. You’ll need to make considerations for privacy, but it’s also a good security provision, and can be a great learning tool for the community to learn about your school.

Banking, Accounting, Billing, Payroll

Be sure to get a business checking account with debit card, online bill pay, and ideally online invoicing and/or payroll capabilities, including automatic IRS withholding calculations, payments, and filings. A bank with strong online tools can eliminate the need for separate accounting software like Quickbooks Online,, or TADS.

Application process

You’ll want to gather a certain amount of information from your applicants right from the very beginning, including contact and personal information, information relevant to your particular coaching model, and a record of immunizations.


Microschool Revolution will provide this for you with our standard template, but you’re always welcome to create your own.


Check with your landlord for requirements. Look for insurance brokers that specialize in private schools.


Don’t need to go overboard here–kids are pretty flexible adapting to whatever is available.


Printer, ink, paper, office and cleaning supplies, first aid, sports equipment, library books.

Standardized Testing

Test choice, scheduling