Parents today are painfully aware that the traditional academic world of endlessly-repeated lectures, note-taking, homework, rote memorization, standardized testing, grading, sorting, and ranking, may not be adequately preparing their children for a successful and happy future, much less helping them develop their talents to their full potential. Yesterday’s jobs are being automated away at an ever-increasing rate, leading to astounding uncertainty for our children’s future.

The 21st century needs and rewards resourceful entrepreneurs, innovative designers, creative problem solvers, independent critical thinkers, insightful analyzers, productive project managers, persuasive communicators, imaginative storytellers, inspiring leaders, socially-adept collaborators, conscientious citizens, resilient risk-takers, curious explorers, diligent researchers, and passionate self-motivated go-getters…yet these traits are routinely quashed in the traditional school setting.

Microschools close the gap between the world’s demands and our educational system’s paltry supply. That’s why at Microschool Revolution, our goal is to bring those microschools to life all over the country – at an affordable price.