The microschool model has been proven to be quite effective. Acton Academy, founded in Austin, is one of the premier proponents of this model. Students at Acton Academy currently test 5 years above their grade level. Although the microschool model is too young to see the effects on college admissions and careers, homeschooled students typically have above average college acceptance rates, and there’s good reason to believe that students who graduate from microschools will be even more successful.

Even though testing results are impressive, this isn’t how microschools measure their success. We know we succeed when we have students who habitually engage in critical thinking, who know how to collaborate with their peers, who aren’t afraid to find the answer to a question they don’t know, and above all, who are genuinely interested in the world around them.

Isn’t the real question how risky it would be not to give your child the chance at a useful education?