The first step is to discuss your vision for your school with the staff at Microschool Revolution. Once we have a good understanding of the type of school you’re interested in founding, we’ll match you with a funder whose vision is compatible with yours. You’ll work out the terms of the loan with the investor, and Microschool Revolution will help facilitate that process. The details of your interaction with your funder will be determined at that point.

Next, it’s time to get your school up and running! Microschool Revolution will match you with a business coach with experience in starting schools. You’ll hear from your business coach about once a week as needed to get your school running; the frequency of your interaction may be more or less than once a week during various phases of your start-up process. You’ll also be invited to join the Microschool Revolution community of founders, where you can discuss your struggles and share your breakthroughs with others on a similar journey.