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An educator looking to revolutionize the way children learn by establishing a microschool.

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Become a Funder

An impact investor looking to offer financial support to promising microschools.

Pair me with a Founder!

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The Big Problem

People are unique. Depending on the student, school is either too slow or too fast. Too rigid or too hippie-dippie. Every school is way too test-focused, and above all... is way too boring!

Children in the US are getting left behind,
whether we like it or not.
See the Statistics
(spoiler alert: they’re scary)

The traditional education model was created over 100 years ago to prepare a barely literate population for factory work.

It’s hardly changed since.

Today’s economy demands:
Innovators. Problem solvers. Creative thinkers. People who are passionate and engaged.

Not broken spirits, whipped into conformity rigid curriculum and standardized testing.


The Solution


Personalized learning, tailored to the student by a dedicated learning coach. A smarter model with a better outcome.

The formula for an effective microschool