(Visual-spatial intelligence)

  • Games:
    Minecraft, SimCity
  • Maker projects of all types, including 3D design and printing, robotics projects, and Maker Camp projects¬†(makercamp.com).
  • Art projects
  • Geography eLearning
  • The following DIY.org skills:
    • Art: Animator, Filmmaker, Illustrator, Leatherworker, Magician, Painter, Papercrafter, Photographer, Potter, Printmaker,
      Puppeteer, Sculptor, Surrealist, Weaver
    • Building: Bookbinder, Cardboarder, Home Builder, Lego Master, Minecrafter, Rapid Prototyper, Shelter Builder, Shoemaker,
      Stitcher, Toy Maker, Woodworker
    • Design: Architect, Clothing Maker, Darkness Engineer, Data Visionary, Fashion Designer, Game Designer, Gamer, Graphic Designer,
      Industrial Designer, Interior Designer, Jewelry Designer, Makeup Artist, Special Effects Wizard, Tape Ninja, Urban Designer, Web Designer
    • Engineering: Bike Mechanic, Mechanic, Mechanical Engineer, Rocketeer, Solar Engineer, Transport Engineer, Wind Engineer
    • Exploring: Astronaut (by NASA), Astronomer, Cartographer, Knotter, Maker, Radographer, RCer
    • Hacking: Fabric Hacker, Game Dev, Holiday Hacker, Salvager