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(Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence)

  • Play a sport
  • Health literacy, including nutrition
  • The following skills:
    • Athletics: Archer, Athlete, Gymnast, Skater

(Musical-rhythmic intelligence)

  • Play a musical instrument
  • Form a band
  • Take music lessons
  • The following skills:
    • Art: Beatmaker, Musician, Vocalist
    • Building: Instrument Maker

(Social-emotional intelligence)

  • Collaborating on projects with others
  • Self-reflection writing in a journal
  • The following skills:
    • Citizenship: Club Member, Detective, Prankster, Veterinarian
    • Exploring: Traveler
    • Philosophy: Chiller, Philosopher
  • 21-day habit builds: good judgement/prudence/safety, respect for others, courage, perseverance/grit/resilience, adaptability to change, integrity/honesty/trustworthiness/responsibility, zest for life, kindness/caring, teamwork, fairness, leadership/initiative, forgiveness, humility, self-control/self-regulation, gratitude, humor, spirituality, focus/intentionality, curiosity, maturity, confidence, creativity.

(Business intelligence)

  • Sell products or services at a fair.
  • Lemonade Day
  • Apprenticeships, internships
  • The following skills:
    • Business: DIY Intern, Entrepreneur, Innovator (by IDEO)
    • Building: Instrument Maker

(Naturalistic intelligence)

  • Camping or scouting
  • Explore a park or botanical garden
  • Raise plants or a garden
  • Environmental literacy
  • The following skills:
    • Exploring: Angler (fishing), Camper, Oceanographer, Pioneer, Sailor, Tracker, Summerologist, Yeti
    • Growing: Backyard Farmer, Baker, Beekeeper, Chef, Forager, Forester, Gardner, Landscaper, Mycologist

(Verbal-linguistic intelligence)

(Visual-spatial intelligence)

  • Games:
  • Maker projects of all types, including 3D design and printing, robotics projects, and Maker Camp projects (
  • Art projects
  • Geography eLearning
  • The following skills:
    • Art: Animator, Filmmaker, Illustrator, Leatherworker, Magician, Painter, Papercrafter, Photographer, Potter, Printmaker,
      Puppeteer, Sculptor, Surrealist, Weaver
    • Building: Bookbinder, Cardboarder, Home Builder, Lego Master, Minecrafter, Rapid Prototyper, Shelter Builder, Shoemaker,
      Stitcher, Toy Maker, Woodworker
    • Design: Architect, Clothing Maker, Darkness Engineer, Data Visionary, Fashion Designer, Game Designer, Gamer, Graphic Designer,
      Industrial Designer, Interior Designer, Jewelry Designer, Makeup Artist, Special Effects Wizard, Tape Ninja, Urban Designer, Web Designer
    • Engineering: Bike Mechanic, Mechanic, Mechanical Engineer, Rocketeer, Solar Engineer, Transport Engineer, Wind Engineer
    • Exploring: Astronaut (by NASA), Astronomer, Cartographer, Knotter, Maker, Radographer, RCer
    • Hacking: Fabric Hacker, Game Dev, Holiday Hacker, Salvager

(Logical-mathematical intelligence)

  • Socratic dialogues to build critical thinking skills. Critical thinking is the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgement.
    • These work particularly well studying history, civics, and social studies like the Big History Project.
  • Dual N-Back is a game scientifically proven to build raw intelligence (IQ).
  • Math Circles
  • Math eLearning:
    Khan AcademyDreamBoxALEKS MathManga HighPBS Kids Math
  • Coding eLearning:
    Code AcademyKhan AcademyScratch
  • Science eLearning:
  • Science explorations
  • Complex strategy games
  • The following skills:
    • Engineering: Backend Dev, Cryptographer, Mathematician
    • Hacking: Bitster, Circuit Bender, Frontend Dev, Hardware Hacker, Open Sourcer, Scratcher, Sensor Hacker, Sys Admin
    • Philosophy: Philosopher
    • Science: Biologist, Botanist, Chemist, Entomologist, Geneticist, Geologist, Meteorologist, Ornithologist, Physicist, Zoologist